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InterDyn CFO Consulting provides business solutions, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, to automate and improve your financial, customer relationship and supply-chain management.

Success in the manufacturing industry requires producing the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time, with good quality, and at a price the customer is willing to pay. The flexibility to respond to compliance standards and the ever-changing needs of customers, such as providing real-time visibility into global operations, is also imperative to your success. Now, with Microsoft Dynamics, you can meet these demands head on, and have the ability to make quick decisions using on real-time, up to the minute data.

Video - Supply Chain
GP Supply Chain Demo Part One
GP Supply Chain Demo Part Two

Read the Grant Thornton White Paper:

The Supply Chain Today: Achieving efficiencies, managing uncertainties

Integrate collaboration and communication

  • Deliver a single, real-time view of data from multiple facilities
    and departments
  • Synchronize communication between engineering,
    manufacturing, and subcontractors
  • Optimize planning to minimize inventory while meeting
    customer requirements
  • Share information within your systems through the web
» Benefits of Microsoft™ Dynamics for the Manufacturing Industry

Efficiently Manage Projects

  • Provide an accurate overview of project status
  • Track activities and resources at many levels of detail
  • Leverage knowledge and content from existing or prior projects

Estimate and Quote Accurately

  • Provide accurate quotations based on a real-time view into operations
  • Align customer requirements with your capabilities
  • Record customer requirements accurately

Deliver Superior Customer Service

  • Gain a comprehensive view of customer information
  • Eliminate isolated silos of information
  • Create customer self-service opportunities
  • Coordinate multichannel communications with customers
  • Collaborate with customers on new product designs

Provide Flexible Production Planning

  • Use data from the entire supply chain to respond effectively to changes
    and problems
  • Access data through familiar desktop tools
  • Support various manufacturing modes,such as engineer-to-order, make-to order, make-to-stock, and mixed/hybrid
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