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Proven Implementation Methodology

InterDyn CFO Consulting follows an internal methodology developed over 19 years of providing sales and implementation services.

The process involves various stages or steps. It consists of proven steps, and best practice templates that can be adjusted to most types of business requirements. Many of the steps are common to all implementations; however, not all steps apply to every implementation. The variables could be size of company, budget of the company, number and complexity of the modules purchased, data to be migrated, integration with other applications, number of users to be trained, need for custom programming, and requirements for proof of concepts.

InterDyn CFO Consulting meets with the prospect’s personnel to determine the business solution that they are trying to achieve. We ask probing questions to find out what the current pain points are, and what type of a solution they envision as critical. This process could take place over the phone, and one or more visits to gather information, by interviewing one or more key employees. Sometimes a walk through will be requested by InterDyn CFO Consulting.

If InterDyn CFO Consulting believes that it can provide a solution, then we will create a Statement of Understandings (SOU) document to be shared with the prospect. The prospect will review the SOU for accuracy and completeness.

Determination of Capability to Deliver
InterDyn CFO Consulting will search for, and possibly test, potential solutions, to determine the best mix of products needed to support a total solution and determine if any custom programming is required.

If InterDyn CFO Consulting has not been able to find a viable solution, we will disengage from the project at this time. Alternative solutions will be shared with the Prospect if we know of one.

Upon clarification of a compelling solution, InterDyn CFO Consulting will present it to the prospect. InterDyn CFO Consulting will verbally present the reasoning behind its decision to present a particular product, and describe the basic functionality, and workflow as it would pertain to this prospect’s unique requirements.

Demonstration (Proof of Concept)
InterDyn CFO Consulting will give a demonstration of the critical components of the proposed solution. During this demonstration the prospect determines if our proposed solution will fulfill their requirements. If all parties agree to move forward, a demonstration of the remaining modules will be scheduled (if required).

A final proposal is presented. Upon purchase there is a transition from prospect to customer and InterDyn CFO Consulting from sales to service provider. The customer and InterDyn CFO Consulting, enter into a business partnership relationship. Services provided by InterDyn CFO Consulting from this point on are billable.

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