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Implementation Process

Our implementation guidelines ensure that your project will be delivered on time and on budget.

Planning Meeting
Team leaders from both companies meet to plan the implementation. This is an important process because it defines rules, roles and responsibilities of the implementation.

What data needs to be migrated, how will the data be exported, how will it be cleaned up, who will import the data into the new system, and who will be responsible for reconciling the data. Who are the team members from both companies, and what are their roles and responsibilities. What will the new chart of accounts structure be (if changing). What level of support does the customer need – want – require. This can range for providing guidance to hand holding, for most it is somewhere in between. What level of training does the customer want to contract for. Will there be a TEST migration, and a Conference Room Pilot Program. Will the customer choose to run parallel, or partially parallel.

Software Installation
This will include the installation of all software on the Server, and each workstation that will be used as a client machine. Create all company databases, as well as at least one test database on the server.

Configuration and Setup
Configure the various modules and companion products into a cohesive fully integrated system.

Data Migration
Migrate data to the test company for the purpose of perfecting the data mapping and migration techniques. Once this is validated and reconciled, we can save the routines for use when ready to go-live.

Conference Room Pilot Program (Optional)
The purpose of a Conference Room Pilot Program is to see how the workflow fits your company and to provide the ability to change internal procedures before the final ends users are trained. A Pilot allows for training of certain employees (usually a few power users) on the use of the product with their own data and modify checks, forms and sales invoices etc. as required.

End User Training
InterDyn-CFO Consulting trains the users as determined in the Implementation Meeting on specified modules (General Ledger, Accounts Payable etc.). The training could involve setting system security as well as security access per end user. Customizing the setup of each module to try to mirror the new workflows that have been established throughout the sales cycle. Setting up master files such as customers, vendors and items. Performing daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual transactions. Printing various reports as required.

Go-Live Date
A Go-Live date is agreed upon, and the final data migration takes place, is reconciled, and the customer goes live. The customer may request InterDyn CFO Consulting for on site go live coaching.

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